Rules and Regulations

  1. School time begins at 9.45 am and ends at 3.15 pm.
  2. Late coming is strictly prohibited.
  3. No student should leave the school premises without the teacherís permission.
  4. There is provision for improvised study for every student.
  5. On all working days at 9 am selected teachers supervise students of every class up to 9.45 am to this special teaching program.
  6. Respect teachers and elders.
  7. Students will be observed all times.
  8. Every student must extend his/her wishes with his/her folded hands to teachers.
  9. No visitors shall be permitted on the class hours.
  10. Parents should go to Principalís office only.
  11. All are expected to speak only English in class rooms and on the campus.
  12. Wearing school uniforms is obligatory on all days.
  13. Girls are expected to plaint their hair into two with navy blue ribbons.
  14. Students are expected to maintain library note books and produce the books for scrutiny when called for.
  15. Students have to pay March installment tuition fees in advance along with the first installment in June.
  16. Parents or guardians of every student are expected to enroll as member of PTA.
  17. Parents who wish to avail school bus facility should apply in advance for the same. We have got 6 school buses.

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